Public Participation

A key component in the development of the system-wide LTCP is public participation, or community outreach. The purpose of public participation is to increase awareness and inform the community about its Long Term Control Plan for CSOs.  The BSA has implemented a community outreach program that included the following components:

  • Stakeholder Panel
  • Focus Groups
  • General Public

A Stakeholder Panel was created to engage a group of key community leaders in the development and evaluation of CSO abatement alternatives and solicit their input on the community meeting agendas.  In addition to the Stakeholder Panel, the BSA met with several smaller focus groups, including environmental organizations, local municipalities (from the tributary communities), and local business leaders. A series of community meetings were held in support of the LTCP update for the general public.  Each round of community meetings was held at three different locations throughout the City.

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